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Fumi Desalu, an actress based in the United Kingdom, has encouraged ageing ladies who are yet to achieve their goals or targets to keep pressing on

Fumi, who doubles up as a model, said she got her breakthrough later in life, adding that she now prays to God for longer life to fulfil her purpose. For instance, Taking to her Facebook on Thursday, July 29, the 52-year-old disclosed that she found the love of her life and got married at 40.

Fumi, who got engaged to Ole Desalu-Vold, said she got pregnant at 48 and was blessed with one baby boy identified as Adrian at the age of 49. The Hollywood actress added that she started her YouTube channel at the age of 45, but while 52, her channel grew from 50,000 to 165,000 subscribers in just two months.

Despite building her beauty career for years, the television presenter said she got two major deals with leading beauty brands in the UK while aged 50 and 51.

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