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By Ahmad Muto

Dancehall singer Vampino, fresh from serving days in a Jamaican jail, has now directed his frustration at a number of local artistes, including his own brother, Maurice Kirya.
According to him, if they had established networks abroad, he would never have bothered going to Jamaica, to end up trapped because of an expired visa and weed. He accused them of selfishness and not learning anything from the Tanzanians such as Diamond and his protégés plus the Nigerians who used networking as a tool to establish their industry and brands.
“There are people here who would have built us networks way back, but did not. Eddy Kenzo, my own brother Maurice Kirya travelled this world. Navio. All got these links, but you cannot win alone. You cannot be a winner alone, you need a team,” he said.
For Jose Chameleone, he particularly said he would have been Uganda’s number one, but he allowed local industry dynamics to consume him.
“Jose Chameleone would have been our number one today, but he got stuck in things of this country. I am not going to fear telling the truth. Today Chameleone would not be in our conversation. He does not need this anymore, going by his contribution to the industry. Now we have to wait for (Fik) Fameica to come and fight for the connections,” he ranted.

Vampino said this while appearing on a local television station on Friday, October 1, 2021.

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