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We are just friends, Carol Nantongo on dating Dagy Nyce

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By Hussein Kiganda

Singer Carol Nantongo and TV presenter Dagy Nyce were recently seen in what observers described as touchy, touchy. Soon after that, another TV presenter Robin Kisti alleged that the two were dating.

Well, Nantongo has cleared the air in an interview. The Kamese Tambula singer referred to Dagy Nyce simply as a friend.

“I love to hear that he loves me that much and I must say that I love those that love me. However, I love him as a friend. We are simply friends, so I don’t know what more you want to hear?” she said.

Dagy Nyce

The singer also revealed that she had settled her differences with Eddy Yawe, with whom she sang the song, Tukiggale.

The two fell apart when Yawe performed Tukiggale with another lady, which angered Nantongo.

“It’s been long since I last met Yawe. Since that incident, we have never got time to sit down and talk. I am happy that we have been able settle our differences,” she said.



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