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Weasel sulks as Nigeria’s Chike nails Goodlyfe’s song

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Just when you thought singer Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel would warm to the fact that a ‘foreigner’ can sing and nail his song, he is sulking.

He has taken to social media to express bitterness at the fact that Nigerian artiste Chike-Ezekpeazu Osebuka alias Chike, sang and nailed their song, Breath Away at the sell-out show at the Kampala Serena Hotel yesterday (Tuesday)

Chike was in Uganda for a live concert at Serena Hotel, which was sold out days before. However, in one of his stage performances, the Nigerian belted out a song in memory of Uganda’s talented artiste, Radio Mowzey, a counterpart of Weasel’s.  In Chike, the crowd saw a vocally talented Mowzey Radio incarnate and cheered him on.

It was a full house as revellers enjoyed Chike’s music (Photo by Ivan Kabuye)

For Weasel, it might have been a stark reminder of how far he has fallen off the radar since Radio’s death, four years ago.  He took to social media to voice his frustration.

“Ugandan event organisers, why do you invite international artistes to come and perform our own songs without consulting us?” Weasel started.

Revellers enjoying the night with chike at Serena Hotel on Tuesday 15th Feb 2022. Photo by Ivan Kabuye.

“There is no one we can refuse to give rights to perform or pay tribute to our own as long as you go through the right channels. Show some respect, come and ask for permission. If Wizkid and Rude buoy Psquare can come and ask for permission, they who are you?” he fumed.

“I think we have been too silent; we are going to start going a bit too hard on this thing,” he said.

Fans, however, advised him to stop sulking and produce good music.

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