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By Kampala Sun Writer

Bethel Healing Center pastor Irene Manjeri has asked whoever claims she has ever been dark-skinned to provide picture evidence. In past interviews, she has categorically stated that she doesn’t bleach her skin.

“I don’t know why my appearance perturbs people. If a woman looks good, it brings glory unto the name of the Lord. I am a public figure; a pastor.  So should I not look good just to please people? No. I have the right to look good,” she emphasised in a television interview recently.

Manjeri vowed to maintain her look, saying she will not change it for anyone.

“I am used to looking good and for those who don’t understand it, I am so sorry. I won’t change for anyone. I have been anointed looking this and I will continue to be anointed looking like this,” she explained.

The 51-year-old, however, warned whoever is up for the challenge against using Adobe Photoshop skills to darken her complexion.

She asserted that she has always been light-skinned. However, the pastor’s skin complexion has always been a contentious issue. On one hand, she says she was born that way, on the hand, the complexion on the hands and that on the face are completely different. Perhaps she peels too much matooke and the sap has darkened her hands. Matters are made worse by her horrific make-up.

Last year, Manjeri and her estranged husband, Dr. Vincent Katongole, were in the news over their public split. He accused Manjeri of mistreatment. She accused him of cheating, as well as having children out of wedlock and neglecting his responsibilities in the home as a husband.

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