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Woman MP Loser consoles self with Toy Boy

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By Kampala Sun writer

A woman MP contestant in Fort portal City has chosen to consort with a toy boy as a way of healing the pain of losing in this year’s election to eventual winner Irene Linda Mugisa.

Revelers in Fort Portal City are in shock after Judith Mukidi Basemera a former parliamentary candidate for Fort Portal city woman MP she recently introduced 22 year-old  Zed Mulengwa to her family only to receive a stumbling block.

Mukidi, 40, after losing the elections started moving out with Zed Mulengwa who was once a boyfriend to the fallen Toro princess, Ruth Cox Nyakairu Kugonza.  Cox  succumbed to Covid-19 in November 2020 and two-timed Zed with another toy-boy Larry Richard Abaala.

The Kampala Sun exclusively learns that when  Mukidi recently tried to introduce Mulengwa to her relatives, they rejected him as a potential in-law.   The snub never stopped the amorous pair from painting Fort Portal City’s bars red as a way of celebrating their blossoming love.  She’s been seen a couple of times snogging her gym-honed lover while he squeezes her saggy bottom.

Mukidi has since taken to social media to voice her displeasure with family for rejecting her toy boy, with an 18-year age difference.

Zed Mulengwa was recently turned down by the MP’s family. They have since taken to painting the town red with his older lover (Photo: file)

“Whether they like it or not Mulengwa is my boyfriend and I will stay with him as long as we are in love. I don’t care about his age. I not the first old woman to be hooked by Mulengwa.  I don’t care about other women he’s had in his life. All I care about is that he left them for me,” Mukidi  posted in one of a social media exchange with her elder sister Molly Musiimenta.

However Musiimenta has come up openly to criticize her sister in public for abandoning her family in Kampala and romping with Mulengwa who slightly older than her (Mukidi’s)  first born.

“As a family we have rejected that nonsense and we shall not accept that to happen recently when Mukidi brought Mulengwa in our home we agreed as a family not to accept that. We have a name to protect and we cannot accept that to happen in our home,” Musiimenta said.

Musiimenta said that as a family they had agreed that if their sister wants to introduce Mulengwa he should look for another venue far away from their home and they are not ready to be part of the function.

“We have heard through some people that the two are planning an introduction. They can go ahead but not in our home we cannot associate ourselves with such nonsense,” Musiimenta added.

Mukiidi who recently participated in the Fort portal city woman parliamentary elections and lost to Irene Linda Mugisa has abandoned their family home where she was staying and she is staying in a guest house in Kihondo, Kichwamba sub-county Kabarole district.

Mulengwa also abandoned Beatrice Mukama Murungi, a city business woman  with whom they have one child.

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