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By Ronald Kintu

At birthday parties, be it big or small, while cutting the cake those in attendance ask the age in a song.

The ‘how old are you now’ line features in the traditional birthday song and as some proudly mention their new age, to many, that part is a nightmare.

This was evident again as Olympian and world champion Halima Nakaayi was celebrating a new age yesterday with friends and family.

It was all smiles as the table had more than one cake to cut. None of the cakes, however, had the new age and when some provoked her through the song, she simply wore a straight face.

Being a global icon thanks to her couple of accolades from her colourful running life, she had to take matters to her social media platforms, but still, the age issue was not addressed.

“Thanks to the Almighty God for another added year and thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday (Sunday),” Nakaayi noted minus adding her age.

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