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By Ahmad Muto

Singer Ykee Benda who has just released his 18-track Kirabo album has started receiving criticisms and they are coming in all forms. They have particularly accused him of being a sellout. A day after unveiling the album on Friday, August 6, 2021, critics started questioning why he chose to collaborate with a Nigerian artiste, Tekno Miles on the song Magic yet that is a nightmare all industry stakeholders have been struggling to wake up from. Critics claim Nigerian music dwarfs the effort of local artistes. 
According to Ykee Benda, it is high time Ugandans accept Nigerians are better, they have developed their own sound. So instead of rallying against them, local artistes should embrace working with them to tap into their industry. 
“You have to accept when someone is better than you. Reality is they have a better sound than and that is the wave that took over our industry. I am tapping into their industry to widen my reach. What I get in return is big. He has been here once. So, the argument that I have handed them our industry isn’t weak,” he explained. 
This Nigerian versus Ugandan music conversation has been a topic of contention for years. At one point it become obvious that local artistes had finally succumbed. Chameleone’s Wale wale has an intonation synonymous with Nigerian songs. Gospel singer Exodus has Igwe that is Nigerian right from the title. Kenzo’s Sitya Loss and Fuse ODG’s Azonto sound like cousins.

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